GLENDALE – On 05-21-2019 at about 3:35 a.m., officers were investigating a smash and grab robbery that occurred at a pharmacy at 1811 W Glenoaks Blvd.

A vehicle is seen in the security camera footage entering the rear parking lot of the pharmacy and a suspect is seen attempting to deactivate the alarm or security camera system.

According to initial reports, three black males proceeded to kick the front entrance door of the pharmacy in and attempted to break the security glass doors to the drug storage room.

When they were unsuccessful with breaking the heavy glass and gaining access to the drugs, they broke the cash register and fled with an unknown amount of currency.

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By John Strangis

John is a reporter, photojournalist, photographer and videographer who has contributed to local and national TV news stations and publications. He has a great passion for news but specifically for working in the field as a stringer. "Being a nightcrawler isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle." - John Strangis

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