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WRITER’S NOTE: This is a breaking story with few verified facts, other than details gathered from official radio traffic at the time. None of the involved agencies has released any official details regarding this pursuit, crash or shooting as of this breaking story. As such, some of the facts and details could change as more information becomes available. -TM

10/02/2020 –

HEMET – Details are beginning to trickle in and officials remain very active at the scene of the ending of a Hemet pursuit, during which the driver fired multiple rounds at pursuing Hemet PD and CHP officers.

Based on official radio traffic, although at least one of the pursuing vehicles was possibly struck by gunfire, no officers were injured during the chase or multiple shootings. Radio traffic has also indicated that a man and woman from the pursued vehicle have been safely taken into custody.

At just before 6 p.m., Hemet police officers advised they were in pursuit of a vehicle that failed to yield to a traffic enforcement stop somewhere in the area of Domenigoni Parkway near Warren and Simpson roads.

Official radio traffic at the time indicated officers reported they were chasing a red Toyota Solara with a grey bumper. Officers also advised the vehicle was being driven by an adult male and that a female passenger was inside the car. As the pursuit continued westbound on Domenigoni Parkway while approaching the Winchester area, officers updated that that driver had opened fire on them and that one of the pursuing vehicles was possibly struck by gunfire. Officers then updated that the driver could be seen reloading his firearm.

With a Riverside County Sheriff’s Aviation Crew in Star-9 racing to the area and CHP already having joined the pursuit, officers updated that the driver was continuing to fire multiple rounds at them.

The pursuit then continued northbound on Winchester Rd./Hwy. 79. toward Florida Ave./Hwy 74., where the driver reportedly fired at least three more rounds in the area of Asbury St.

The chase then turned westbound on Florida Ave./Hwy 74, where a few minutes later officers updated that the driver of the Toyota stopped in the middle of westbound 74 near Juniper Flats Rd. They also reported that he and his female passenger were complying with officers’ orders.

Both were subsequently handcuffed and detained for further investigation, according to John Strangis, of EN Media Productions/Hemet News; who was on scene when the pursuit came to a peaceful conclusion.

It was not immediately known if any of the pursuing officers returned fire on the fleeing vehicle during the pursuit or why officers initially attempted to stop the vehicle.

Hemet PD and CHP remain at that scene, as well as the scene of a crash involving a Hemet police Sgt., who was involved in a major collision with a white sedan at the same time as the pursuit.

It was not immediately known if the crash was directly related to the pursuit, or if the Sgt. crashed while responding to the area of the chase. It was also not yet known if anyone was injured in the collision, which left the Sgt.’s patrol SUV heavily damaged.

This is a developing story that will be updated as new information becomes available.


On 10/02/2020 at about 5:40pm, a Hemet Police Officer was patrolling the area of Domenigoni Parkway near Sanderson Avenue in the city of Hemet. The officer noticed a red Toyota Solara near him and recognized the driver as the suspect in a recent shooting that had occurred in the city of Hemet a little over a week ago. During that incident, the suspect, identified as Johnathan Kyler Nunn, fled prior to police arrival in the same red Toyota Solara.

As the officer pulled in behind the red Toyota Solara, Johnathan Nunn immediately fled and a pursuit was initiated. Nunn then began shooting a handgun at the pursuing officer as he sped westbound on Domenigoni Parkway toward Winchester Road in an area southwest of Hemet. The officer’s police car was struck by gunfire, but the officer was not hit or injured.

During the pursuit, which had entered the unincorporated area of Winchester, the suspect also shot at a California Highway Patrol officer who happened to be stopped alongside of the roadway. Thankfully, the CHP officer was not injured, but at least one bullet hit the officer’s CHP patrol vehicle.

Neither the Hemet Police officer nor the California Highway Patrol officer returned fire at the suspect in the speeding vehicle. They did, however, continue to pursue the suspect as officers & deputies from near-by agencies began to converge on the area. An airship from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department also arrived and began tracking the pursuit.

The suspect fired several more times at pursuing officers while traveling toward the area of Highway 74 and Juniper Flatts Road, where he came to a stop. At that point, Nunn tossed his gun onto the dirt and surrendered without further incident. A distraught adult female passenger was also detained at that time.

As officers were converging on the scene, a traffic collision occurred at the near-by intersection of Highway 74 at Warren Road in the city of Hemet. A Hemet Police unit, driving westbound on Highway 74 with lights & siren on, collided with a white Toyota Camry that was traveling northbound on Warren Road. No injuries were reported following the traffic collision, but traffic in the area was backed up for several minutes while the California Highway Patrol conducted an investigation and the involved vehicles were removed from the roadway.


Johnathan Kyler Nunn
25 years old from Idyllwild, CA
2 counts – Attempted Murder of Peace Officers
Bail not yet set

The investigation into the adult female’s involvement in this case is still on-going at the time of this release. Nunn’s charges regarding the September 23rd shooting case have not yet been filed as that investigation is also still on-going.

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